“It is not in my nature to quit”

After completing the Certificate in Dental Assisting, Beth B. was hired by Charter College to work in the campus dental clinic. She talks about why she chose dental assisting as a career and her current job responsibilities.

Charter Success (CS):  What did you do before Charter College and why did you decide to come back to school?

BETH:  I was a waitress and bartender in a restaurant and went to a community college for a year. After working three jobs for a couple of years, I decided to come here. I was studying visual communications and graphic design and decided I would rather do that on the side as a hobby and dental assisting would be more practical.

CS:  When did you first think about getting into the dental field?

BETH:  I was at my dentist’s office and the dental assistant helping me had just graduated from a college. She was talking about how fun it was and I thought it seemed interesting. I got a flyer in the mail and dental assisting was one of the careers listed.

CS: Overall, how was your education at Charter College?

BETH:  It went by fast but it was so educational. I liked the way they taught the classes. You don’t get into too much depth on everything but you get a broad view of what needs to be done and how it’s done. That makes it easier to get down to the technical aspects of it. Jen, who is one of my classmates I met here, is now my best friend.

CS:  Were you working three jobs in addition to going to school?

BETH:  I had three jobs and then it went down to two when I started school. I didn’t have a social life and had to do my classwork in advance so I wouldn’t have to stress out to much. I only had to worry about the projects and classwork for the day.

CS:  Tell us a about yourself and what you like to do in your free time?

BETH:  I’m a huge nerd. I love playing video games and having board game nights with my friends. We have people over and eat a bunch of junk good. I read all the time and will sometimes ready 2-3 books in a week. I have a boyfriend and no kids.

CS:  What is driving you to be successful?

BETH:  It is not in my nature to quit. I’m a pretty driven person and I learned this from my mom and dad who are self-motivated. They instilled this in me at a young age.

CS:  Why do you feel that Charter College hired you to work in the clinic?

BETH:  I learn really fast and I adapt well to situations. I stay calm under pressure and I get along with people really well. I’m personable and I think that helps. I also know the campus and how the clinic works.

CS:  What are your job responsibilities at Charter College?

BETH:  I help out on the day that we have patients and the doctors are here for the clinic. I do some of the dental assisting. When the doctors are not here, I keep everything stocked and make sure the students and instructors have everything they need for their classes.

CS:  What advice would you give to students in the dental assisting program?

BETH:  Work in the clinic if your campus has one. You need the practical experience of working with the dentist. It’s invaluable. You also have to be here every day. If you miss a day, you miss out on so much and it can affect your grades.

CS: What are your future plans in the dental field?

BETH:  I thought about eventually becoming a dental hygienist but I like the variation that comes with dental assisting. I would also be interested in becoming a dental instructor someday.