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Bellingham student, Lani T., has already earned her Certificate, Associate and Bachelor degrees and will soon be working on her Master in Business Administration (MBA) at Charter College. Her career choice is the medical field, and she is currently working in her field. In this article, she talks about why she came back to school, her challenges as a student and what’s motivating her to be successful.

After completing the Certificate in Dental Assisting, Beth B. was hired by Charter College to work in the campus dental clinic. She talks about why she chose dental assisting as a career and her current job responsibilities.

Charter Success (CS):  What did you do before Charter College and why did you decide to come back to school?

Donald F. recently graduated from the Certificate in Welding program at Charter College and is now working in his field. He offers advice for students starting the welding program and talks about what is motivating him to be successful.

Charter College (CS):  How would you describe your overall experience at Charter College?

Marcos S. completed the Diploma in Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) program and received his diploma in our fall graduation ceremony in October. With the help of Career Services, he is now working for an Antelope Valley refrigeration company that has been in business for over 50 years. 

Jasmine is a Charter College graduate in the Diploma in Dental Assisting program and is now working for a dental office. She talks about the qualities an office looks for when hiring a new dental assistant. She also talks about her experience at Charter College and offers advice for new students and the importance of working fast and doing thing correctly. 

Krystal was recently hired from her extern site and talks about her new job and responsibilities.

CS: Tell us about your new job?

Krystal: I just finished my externship and they hired me. They're in the Antelope Valley and specialize in Urology. I assist the doctor with various procedures. I love it! The first week in externship was kind of hard but, after that, I picked it right up.

CS: Why do you feel they hired you? What qualities were they looking for?