“There will always be a need for dental assisting”

Mishael K. is one of our new students in the Certificate in Dental Assisting program. Today, Mishael is learning about sterilization and the different tools and instruments used in a dental office. In this interview, Mishael talks about why she chose dental assisting and what is motivating her to be successful.

CHARTER SUCCESS (CS):  Why did you choose the dental assisting as a career?

MISHAEL:  There will always be a need for dental assisting. My dad’s girlfriend was a dental assistant and she would tell me about it. It looked easy and interesting. I found Charter College by searching online.

CS:  What did you do before Charter College?

MISHAEL:  I worked as a manager at the Aquarium Pacific. I also worked doing small jobs. I wanted a career and not just a little job. I wanted to do something where I could move-up and make more money and not be stuck in one place.

CS:  How is your education going so far at Charter College?

MISHAEL:  It’s going good so far. Everyone here helps you when you get stuck.

CS:  What do you like to do in your free time?

MISHAEL:  I hang out with friends and family and love to read a lot. I also like to watch movies with my son and eat lots of food.

CS:  What is motivating you to be successful?

MISHAEL:  My son and making money. I want a big house with a bunch of cars. My son is five and I don’t want him to worry about money for school and college.

CS: How does your son feel about you going to school?

MISHAEL:  We get up in the morning and get ready for school together. We both say “have a good day at school.” We do our homework together and it helps him to see school as being fun.

CS:  Do you have any advice for new students in the dental assisting program?

MISHAEL:  Do your work early on in the week so you don’t have to worry about it. It’s not hard and the teachers can help you if you get stuck. If you wait until the weekend, there’s nobody that can help you.

CS: What are your plans after Charter College?

MISHAEL:  I want to work in a dental office, continue my education and keep moving up in the field.