Career Services

Once Charter College has provided you with the training and the skills you need for a new career, we get busy helping you get a job. Our Career Services Department provides the guidance and direction that can make you a better job candidate, along with the assistance you need to help find that job.


Tips on what to do after the job fair
Your day is now complete. You’ve been to the Job Fair; you visited all the booths and handed out dozens of resumes. Now what? Time to build a follow up plan. Here are some ideas:
Build Your Profile Online
Build your profile online by including the following job links in your search: - CareerBuilder -
Pounding the Pavement
One of the oldest and most effective methods of job searching is getting out in front of the employer or, as we call it, “Pounding the Pavement.” See below for some tips on how to make this technique a regular part of your job search.