Graduate Hub

Krystal was recently hired from her extern site and talks about her new job and responsibilities. CS: Tell us about your new job?
Shynelle T. graduated from Charter College close to three years ago and is currently working for a chiropractic office in the Antelope Valley. Her twin sister, Shyrelle, also graduated from Charter College and currently works for the college as a lab assistant. Shynelle talks about her job and what employers are looking for in the medical field.
Justine K. graduated from the Certificate in Dental Assisting program and is now working for a dental office in Lancaster, California.
Alexander (Alex) is a recent graduate of the dental assistanting program and was recently hired to work at a dental office in Lancaster. To get the job, Alex had to go through two working interviews which she passed successfully. “They immediately had me doing chair side assisting and taking x-rays.
With her children now grown, Becky decided that it was her time to get a degree and enrolled in the Associates Degree in Computerized Accounting program at Charter College. She had previously worked in several bank teller positions and in an accounting office and felt there was a real need in the accounting field.
Catherine graduated from the Charter College dental assistant program and is now working for two doctors in a family dental practice. Her duties include being a chair side assistant with the dentist, giving x-rays and sterilizing instruments.