Tips on what to do after the job fair

Your day is now complete. You’ve been to the Job Fair; you visited all the booths and handed out dozens of resumes. Now what? Time to build a follow up plan. Here are some ideas:

Get organized. Take some time to review your conversations. Look through literature that you picked up and make notes for each company recruiter and opportunity. If you are missing contact information for someone you met, do some internet research to find it.

Apply online. Many people feel that a recruiter may be brushing them off by asking the candidate to “go to the website” but they are not! Hiring companies are subject to many regulations regarding tracking job applicants and, to be considered a candidate, you need to be recorded in their system. Get that online application submitted!

Send a thank you note. Personal preference varies on whether email or hand written is better. Email is quicker, but it’s pretty cool (and unusual) to get a hand written note. Thank the recruiter for their time and try to mention something specific to your conversation that will help them remember you. Emphasize your interest in the company and position. Based on your conversation at the Job Fair, ask about follow up, and if appropriate, ask for an interview!

Stay in touch. Again, use your judgment based on the information that you learned from the recruiter. Do they have an immediate need? Will the process take several weeks? Follow-up by email at the appropriate interval to stay top of mind as a motivated, proactive candidate.

Follow-up is an essential part of the job search process and if done properly, can increase your number of interviews or job offers. For more information on any of the things discussed above, please contact your Career Services Officer.